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Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Finally unleashed!

by Yan Musikingala

The AMG GT Comes back even stronger with the Black Series package,after nearly 6 year of absence since it was launched .Coming back in 2021 the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series comes packed with  537Kw (720 Horsepower).


Powered by a newly developed twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8  with a flat-plane-crank configuration the Mercedes AMG GT black series makes an output power of 537 kW (720 Horsepower) and 800 Nm torque at 2000-6000 rpm. 

The twin-scroll turbochargers push a maximum of 24.6 psi, and bigger intercoolers help keep intake temperatures down.

Mated to a seven-speed DCT transmission which directs all the power to the rear wheels, With a top speed of 325 km/h the AMG-GT Black Series reaches  0-100 km  in just 3.2 seconds and 200 km/h in under 9 seconds. 

Body and Design 

The Design of the AMG-GT Black Series is quite similar to the AMG GT3 and AMG GT4 which races in the Grand Touring Competitions.

You can’t help but noice the two large polished carbon fibre air outlets on the top of the bonnet to assure the exit of the hot air coming from the Rowling Twin-turbo V8 engine.

To optimize the the cooling and aerodynamics of the car, the AMG-GT Black Series  has been fitted with a larger radiator air inlet where the bigger turbo intercooler is  hidden  the same setup is also found on the AMG GT3 race car .

Also with vents on the lower side of the front bumper to not only maximize the aerodynamics efficiency at the front , but also to assure a proper brake cooling .


The interior design emphasises the pole position of the AMG GT Black Series: Exclusive nappa leather is combined with sporty DINAMICA microfibre in black with orange contrasting topstitching. The instrument panel and the newly designed lightweight door panels, which are now equipped with loop pull handles instead of conventional handles, are trimmed in black DINAMICA microfibre. Further orange contrasting topstitching, matt black carbon-fibre trim and the Interior Night Package add further striking highlights. The AMG carbon-fibre bucket seats combine low weight with optimum lateral support. The interior is also optionally available with grey contrasting topstitching.

The AMG GT Black Series features the fully digital instrument displays from the AMG GT family with an instrument cluster measuring 12.3 inches in front of the driver and a 10.25-inch multimedia monitor on the centre console. The instrument cluster offers different designs with the three AMG-specific display styles: “Classic”, “Sporty” or “Supersport”.

The AMG Performance steering wheel is also adopted from the AMG GT family. It is characterised by its flattened bottom section. The steering wheel rim is fully trimmed in DINAMICA microfibre, while the steering wheel badge exclusively features the Black Series lettering, along with the AMG logo.

The AMG Interior Night Package also comes as standard. In this package, the shift paddles, steering wheel spokes and seat insert in the optional AMG Performance seats are finished in high-gloss black, while the door sill panels are in black brushed stainless steel, further emphasising the car’s sportiness.

Ride and Suspension 

The AMG GT Black Series features the adjustable coil-over setup from the AMG GT R. AMG Ride Control is part of the package, which electronically controls and automatically adapts damping at each wheel as needed. 

The system is upgraded for the Black Series, and with a plethora of drive modes and adjustable settings for camber and sway bars, Mercedes is keen to give Black Series drivers a memorable experience on a race track.

With an incorporated Manually adjustable front splitter made in carbon-fiber with only two adjustable settings  (Street and Race ) *Race mode uniquely for on racetracks that can be adjusted to different racetrack specifications.

The rear bumper gets a double diffuser with a massive two-piece Carbon Fibre spoiler up top. The upper portion of the wing can be adjusted electronically by up to 20 degrees, with both wings offering manual adjustments as well.

The wings are made of carbon fiber, carbon fiber is used in almost every part of this car from body panels like the roof and rear hatch to functional components like the transmission mount and even the front sway bar. The cross tunnel in the Black Series is carbon fiber, and along with other carbon fiber reinforcement throughout the body and chassis, which makes the car extremely stiff.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series comes standard with a ceramic high-performance compound brake system with black painted brake callipers and white lettering. A Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO tire, specially customized for the Black Series, has been developed in collaboration with MICHELIN.

Optional AMG Track Package

The AMG Track Package is available as an option in several markets. It comprises a roll-over protection system, 4-point seatbelts for driver and front passenger, and a 2 kg fire extinguisher (both items exclusively designed for racetrack use). The lightweight bolted titanium-tube cage of the roll-over protection system consists of a main roll bar, a brace for mounting the seat belts, two rear braces and a diagonal X-brace at the rear. The system further increases the already excellent vehicle rigidity and thus also has a positive influence on the vehicle’s driving dynamics. It also increases passive safety.

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