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Mahindra S11 4×4 Automatic PikUp

by Yan Musikingala

Affordable, practical, and strong.

Yes, those are three words I would use to describe what the Mahindra S11 4×4 Automatic PikUp is all about.  Blending daily practicality and rugged work capability, the S11 4×4 has proven to hold its own.


Rugged styling the Mahindra S11 has a bolder look and confident stance, standing with 210mm of ground clearance with an approach level of 34 degrees. The new S11 gets a refreshed look based on the S10 model with new chrome and black grille, a new bumper with upgraded headlamps, and Integrated side mirror indicators.


The interior of the S11 is very spacious and feels well put together along with a number of standard features which makes it very practical.

Sitting in front you get a very clear and wide view of the road and all around thanks to the massive windscreen and the smaller A-pillar. The seats feel good and are made of a good quality cloth material but lack a bit of lumbar support. So, expect a little lower back pain when traveling on long journeys. Both front seats get individual armrests and the rear a middle seat folding armrest with ISOFIX child seats mount.

Fairly fitted with numerous standard features, the S11 comes fitted with a multifunction Steering wheel with mounted controls for audio, phone, voice command, and cruise control. Standard user-friendly 7inch touchscreen infotainment system, which comes with Bluetooth, Satellite navigation and also displays the reverse camera (the quality is not the greatest, but it gets the job done)

No Android Auto or Apple CarPlay but an iPod mode which works very well when the phone is connected through a USB cable. good sound system with 4 speakers, two at the front and one on each front door.

Fairly spacious whether you set in the front or at the back, enough (head, shoulder, legs room) for 3 normal sized adults at the back, Not many storage compartments, only one central cup holder and one small cup holder on each door at the back.

Other features include auto rain-sensing, hill assist, auto low light sensing, center locking, dual-climate control, all-round electric windows, and the safety being covered by dual front airbags along with ABS and EBD system.

Powertrain and Performance

The Mahindra S11 is powered by a 2.2 L mHawk engine and paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox producing 103kW and 320 Nm. With a claimed fuel consumption of 7.9 l/100km.

The S11 model is offered in 4×2 and 4×4 variants, the S11 4×4 A has a loading capacity of about 995 Kg and 2500 kg of towing capacity.

The Drive

After driving both on-road and off-road for the past couple of days, the Mahindra S11 Automatic PikUp has proven to be strong, easy to drive, and quite practical. I managed an average of 13.5L /100 km over the 7.9 L claimed. which states that the pickup consumes a little more than claimed but this may be due to the off-road driving.

The dashboard, center console, and door panels feel sturdy, they do not squeak or make any funny noises, even on bumpy rides and the overall interior feels well put together.

The new six-speed automatic gearbox shifts smoothly and fairly quick, it also features a manual sequential mode. The S11 4×4 holds its own when it comes to its off-road capability, impressive I would say. Switch it into the 4H mode, the 4×4 locking Differential and 320 Nm of torque come in handy and does not struggle to get you uphill or out of trouble. The Hill Descent Control (HDC) system works very well, it utilizes engine and vehicle braking for slow descents on tough, off-road terrain which can also be controlled with the built-in cruise control system.


With the Mahindra S11 4×4 PikUp being price at R414 999, I believe it is the best value for your money. Especially since it is very easy to drive even on rough terrains and comes with a number of premium standard features that make it very practical for the daily commute.

Range and Pricing

The Mahindra PikUp range comes with a standard four-year/ 120 000 km technical warranty and free Roadside Assistance plan. It also has a comprehensive service plan for 5 years or 100 000 km. The first lubrication service is at 10 000 km and every service thereafter will be done at intervals of 20 000 km.

Mahindra PikUp S6 4×2 – R312 499

Mahindra PikUp S6 4×2 Karoo – R322 499

Mahindra PikUp S6 4×4 – R342 499

Mahindra PikUp S6 4×4 Karoo – R352 499

Mahindra PikUp S10 4×2 – R347 499

Mahindra PikUp S10 4×2 Karoo – R352 499

Mahindra PikUp S10 4×4 – R377 499

Mahindra PikUp S10 4×4 Karoo – R382 499

Mahindra PikUp S11 AT 4×2 – R384 999

Mahindra PikUp S11 4×2 Karoo AT – R399 999

Mahindra PikUp S11 AT 4×4 – R414 999

Mahindra PikUp S11 4×4 Karoo AT – R429 999

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